Top 4 Gift Ideas!

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Hey folks! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend so far. I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite gift ideas, considering it’s the run up to Christmas! Plus I’ll be telling you what’s coming up this week on the blog.

This time of year is wonderful for all that festive fuzziness, but it’s also fab for showing people how much they mean to you. And what better way than to show them that through something you’ve really thought about? We’ve aaallll been there, panicking at the last minute- buying something you know isn’t so great because it’s Christmas eve and you have so wpid-img_20150923_165211.jpgmuch to be doing! Don’t get me started on the wrapping! But caallmm. Deep breaths. Sit down, get cosy and think about the person you wanna do something for.

So jot some things down and think about who you’re buying for. And do you really need to buy something? How about getting mega creative and making a present?

Whip out that notepad and scribble these top four gift ideas down. Be gentle with yourself, Christmas after all, is about love and kindness ❤

  1. Memories album – You’ve got a trillion selfies, memories and funny photos of your friend/relative that only get the light of day through albums on your phone. How about getting them printed and making them a cute little album? You can go to any stationary store like Tiger, Paperchase or even your local supermarket to hunt down a blank photo album. I recommend using Boots to print your photos, they even do photo books for your loved one! Simple!
  2. Take them to a show – Whether that’s their favourite band, film, theatre show, art exhibition, restaurant, event or place- take them out! Make them a cute personalised ‘Christmas coupon’ that sets out the day and time of what’s going down, or if you’ve pre-booked tickets- print out the confirmation and make a little card to put it inside. You don’t have to be an artist, it really is the thought that counts ❤ get crafty!
  3. Cheesy does it – I think some of the more memorable presents have been the most corny, or completely stupid. Such as a hand knitted christmas pudding beanie, a unicorn horn lolly (inside joke from my best friend) and spongebob pants (yes, I wear those still). Something that makes you laugh your head off, cannot go amiss! MenKind do great gifts novelty/fun gifts this time of year especially for secret santa ideas. Get silly!
  4. Get Arty – You don’t have to be amazing at art or be the next Picasso to show someone you love them. I love cards that are scribbled with silly drawings and love hearts. Get a big piece of A3 paper, fill it with photos, scribbles, love hearts, lyrics, a poem, glitter anything. Make them smile ❤


Hope these serve you well in looking for gifts this time of year! Also, coming up this week on, my wonderful friend Shaun will be guest posting about an extremely important topic about mental health. Go follow him on Twitter here. You’ll also see posts about teen mental health, and men’s health.
Stay well, and as always – keep real! x



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