Sweet News y’all! A Cheeky Update

So after what seems quite a while in the making- things are on track! I had a lil’ meeting with my business advisor today; and everything is looking promising! However, I must admit I’m not sure the official launch of Keep Real will be in the summer. There’s wpid-img_20150923_165211.jpgplenty more to do, and lots of things under wraps (samples for garms happened last week!). Very excited about what holds for the business, however maintaining and making new connections with other businesses and like minded folk is the most important part! So I’ll be off down to London in a couple of weeks (fingers crossed I can book it off work) to attend an Enterprise Conference. I need to actively talk to folk about Keep Real. That as well as being a clothing and goods brand, the brand inspires wellness too. Taking care of yourself, keeping it real *pun very much intended*.

I gave my presentation to the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, who work in schools and other establishments raising awareness, and giving talks about mental health to young people and professionals. They have so kindly offered me a role in their trust!! I am so excited to be giving my time to them, and actively make a difference with young people and their relationships with their own well-being. Training for the trust is ahead- and I cannot wait to begin!

Anyway, I better get back to plotting and scheming! My next post will be some lil tips for wellness ❤ If you haven’t check out some previous posts concerning tips- get yourself scrolling through ‘Hey, November!‘, ‘Be Mindful Right Now!‘, ‘The Art of Happiness‘ and ‘How Do I Stay Content With What I Have?‘. Or if you want to scroll through categories, check out ‘Mental Health’ for the full list.

Sending all my ❤ to you, and as always- keep real! xx





What’s Happening? (Sorry it’s been a while!)

Hey you wonderful people! I hope you’ve had a brilliant January so far, and that you’re being kind to yourselves.

I’ve been away for a while, figuring things out, working on some projects, and getting my head together after quite a trying time over Christmas. It’s been a time of reflection, humble beginnings and organising wonderful things for 2016. There are things in the works, and so soon too!

I’m giving a presentation to the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust (which was rescheduled from December) in the next couple of weeks. Last year I met some amazing people when I went down to the BBC to discuss mental health on Radio 4, and one of those inspiring folk was Dr Shirley Reynolds. She is a brilliant woman, and asked if I’d be interested in working with the trust, as they are hoping to expand here in the North of the UK. Of course I said yes!

Also, my business Keep Real is working on a collaboration with a non-profit called Heads Above The Waves (you can check out the interview I did with Si the Managing Director here), which I’m extremely excited about! I’ll be mentioning them in my presentation, as they are doing some amazing work raising awareness for mental health, and providing information and hope to those who seek it ❤

Thank you for staying with me while I’ve been away, I’ve been seeing that folk are still checking out my blog- and it truly means a lot.

Sending all my love, and as always- keep real! x

Keepin’ Up With Kimberley #7

Helloooo lovely people! Sorry for the lack of posts- but it was my 21st birthday yesterday (woo!). So I’ve been out celebrating the last few days and spending time with the family. Very blessed to say the least ❤ wpid-img_20150711_092915.jpg

So apart from that what have I been up to!? I submitted a piece for Time To Change as a ‘StoryShort’ which is a little post about my experiences with mental health. My little post may be up at the tail end of Summer, so I’ll keep you posted on that! I think it’s important to share such things, as even an experience like mine could help someone feel not so alone. Anxiety used to be quite a big part of my life in college, but now I feel more confident than ever. Mindfulness has helped a lot, if you’re feeling a bit stressed or find it hard to calm down your day- check out Frantic World.comIt’s a simple form of meditation that can make you feel wonderful inside and out.

With Keep Real, the designs have kicked into overdrive lately, and it’s been such a wonderful experience seeing the collection come together in quite an unexpected way. My style has definitely come through, I am so pleased with the outcome. I have a lot of planning to do, but the designs are grounded and are 80% ready to go! After I’ve posted this, I will be taking down the online store so I can focus on building up a rad as hell site.


Also with kimmykeepfit, I have been planning my runs and exercise to really go for it. It’s been quite hard lately with the weather, as well as my celebrations too! But it’s important to be patient and be kind to myself. Incorporating mountain bike riding will also help. I used to go mountain bike riding quite a lot in my early teens, so my Dad has offered to go with me as he’s so passionate about it himself. I love how my family push me to do whatever I set my mind to!

Anyway, that’s it for now! I hope this post finds you well.

Keep Real xxx


Gooood wpid-img_20150625_131011.jpgMorrnnning you beautiful souls, I hope you’re enjoying your day so far! As for me today, I am moving out of my house in Huddersfield and returning home with my parents for a while. I’m actually quite sad to be leaving the University life and losing some of my independence. But alas! The time has come to move forward and start some exciting adventures with my brand Keep Real and promoting better mental health and well-being along the way.

So with the wonderful catchy title ‘kimmykeepfit’ (thanks to my housemate/not housemates anymore Danny- you the man!) I will begin some training for some upcoming fundraising projects! I am raising money for Rethink Mental Illness and Mind here in the UK.


Mental Health charities are to date the least given to organisations in the UK. To say that about a quarter of the entire UK population will experience a mental health problem in the course of a year- the results are poor.

First, I will be running a half marathon later in the year and have set myself the wpid-img_20150624_141234.jpgalmighty task of doing the incredible Three Peaks Challenge here in Yorkshire, Flippin’ crrraaazzzyyyy challenges to set myself, but I am more than prepared to raise money for some wonderful charities and increase awareness for mental health.

The training begins NOW (or when I’ve got rid of this dreadful cold!) and I will be posting ‘kimmykeepfit’ updates on how well it’s going and when I’ll be setting up a JustGiving page etc.

Let’s do this!!!

Don’t ever let your sky turn into a ceiling ❤

Graduation Results & My Journey For Mental Health!

Hi lovelies! It’s such beautiful weather outside and I must admit, I am feeling a little worse for wear. But all is well- as last night’s antics were in celebration of finishing my final year of University!!! Me and my friends officially collected our results, I am so so proud of all them achieving such wonderful things over the three years. I will be graduating with a very high 2:1, so a second class bachelor of science honours degree bdf-graduationin Counselling Therapy. Mega proud and last night was definitely deserved (but maybe not with the hangover!).

What with July being extremely busy (21st birthday, graduation etc), I’ve also decided to make it even busier by starting my journey as an activist for Mental Health. I will be fundraising for Rethink Mental Illness and Mind by doing the Three Peaks Challenge here in Yorkshire! All I need to do is fill out all the forms and get my physical health back in check.

There’s so much to look forward to with my design work, graduating from University and doing some charity work too. Let’s do this!