Trusted Clothes and Keep Real!

The wonderful Canadian non-profit Trusted Clothes are documenting my brand Keep Real’s journey of sustainability and inspiring wellness. So sweet! Please go ahead and check it out.Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 16.06.15

It’s no good promoting mental well-being as a business, if the business doesn’t have the foundations of trying to be the best version of itself either. So we expanded the definition of wellness to include our sustainable souring policy within our supply chain.

Here’s the first blog post I did as the founder. Excitingggg!!! ❤

Challenges of Starting a Sustainable Fashion Brand


kimmykeepreal’s Creative Day

Hello my lovelies! How’s your day been? It’s been such a wonderful day here in Yorkshire (with a slight pour of rain for some time!) with such business-y things to do! wpid-img_20150828_202722.jpg

Today was the day to research suppliers, email quotes, get down some ideas for branding and working with ideas for fabrics, materials and seeing what direction I want to go in with Keep Real. (P.s- I’ve finally made an Instagram page for it, if you’d like to give it a follow!). It’s safe to say, everything is definitely on track. Keep Real is an authentic, home-grown collection of garments and goods inspired by the botanical, natural and traditional. I want that fresh feeling for the brand, cultivated with everyone in mind. Keep Real stands for feeling good inside and out. Keepin’ it real, so to speak.

Also today, I have been looking around homeware stores and researching prices for the goods part of Keep Real, with a nod towards making it a high street store. It’s just to keep things in mind of the bigger picture. Although it is early stages yet, creating a store is the big dream! It get’s me all excited and that ‘fuzzy feeling’ when I walk into big warehouses and imagine what my store would look like. Urban, fresh, botanical and completely keepin’ it real.

wpid-img_20150827_114014792_hdr.jpgI have a quarterly business meeting next week to discuss my ideas and how far I’ve come with the collection. It’s so important to ask myself questions like ‘Is my business heading in the direction I want it to?’ ‘Have I made progress?’ ‘Are folk really liking my designs, or should I change my ideas?’ etc. It’s also vital to ask questions too to the right people! So things like ‘Could I find a supplier internationally?’ ‘Are my designs good enough to print?’ ‘Is my cashflow summary accurate enough?’ ‘Have I budgeted correctly?’.

Sometimes I struggle with myself to believe I’m making progress. Social media is quite an overwhelming tool to grasp, especially from a business perspective. I’d love for people to check out Keep Real- but I don’t want to force people too either! I am so passionate about the brand, but telling folk all the time to ‘like’ this or ‘follow’ that makes me see myself as a huge nag. And nobody wants that do they?!

So today has been all about plotting and scheming, budgeting and reading. I just have to have faith in myself and what Keep Real as a brand stands for! And I hope folk have faith in me too!

Sending you all so much love and keep real goodness. Be well! x

KEEPREALUK- Store Now Online!

Hello my beauties! Hope you are enjoying your day so far. My garment and goods brand Keep Real now has it’s wpid-img_20150405_164431.jpgonline store up and running for a limited time only! It shows some items from the previous collection which is available ❤ I hope you enjoy them as much as I have creating them! Find the store here at KEEP REAL UK.

At the moment I am looking at various suppliers for the new collection for the first serious Keep Real goods collection, so keep those lovely eyes peeled! Plenty more items are in mind, from vests to bags to notebooks!

All the love- and as always, keep real! ❤

Keep Real – Brand Posi Power!

Hello my little cherubs! It’s the last day of the weekend, but don’t be so glum! Whatever your Sunday may be, I hope you are enjoying it!! Feel that posi power!wpid-img_20140713_123316.jpg

My brand Keep Real is processing the final designs ready for production. Picture loads of hand-crafted mandalas (symbols of the universe), botanical prints, dotwork skulls and posi power. All the designs I create are hand drawn, sketched and inked. I have loads of products in mind; t-shirts, vests, shirts, notebooks, bags etc. At the moment, it’s all about getting prices for manufacturing and selecting the right materials, each garment and product is extremely limited. Keep Real has that earthy and authentic feel. It all comes down to that down to earth vibe. 

It’s all about feeling good about yourself, and extending that to others. Be kind, always. Keep everything real. There is nothing more authentic than the love you can give and receive.

All the garments and goods have meaning surrounding the design or craft. They are reminders, and an extension of yourself to be the beautiful soul that you truly are ❤ Support your friends, strive to be the best version of yourself and go with the flow. That’s what Keep Real is all about, and I hope you are too ❤

Get ya’self on my Instagram for all the rad shots and designs coming up! There is also a Keep Real Twitter page too.

Such love to all of you, thank you for following my blog and the journey of design and light ❤