Ethos Mag: A Review

Hey sweet souls! How are you all doing?

Recently I received the super wonderful first edition of Ethos, an independent publication about ‘Good Stories, Good People, Good Business.’ (Get the first issue here!) Now we all know (or should know. If you don’t- yo gal Kimmy is quite the eco warrior/girl boss/wellbeing woman) that ethical business has its foundations of wellbeing. Some folk don’t really understand what ‘ethical business’ is- and its sure as heck a strange one for young people to think about, weaving that into the way of how they shop and feel. So let’s start with what ‘ethical’ is before we review…Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 14.46.19

Being ethical is a lovely foundation of values that something is based upon. They affect how people make decisions and lead their lives. For example, if our personal thoughts and morals are ‘I believe in being kind to other people’- then that reflects the rest of your behaviour. This includes business, your relationships, everything. Believe in something good? Let it shine throughout whatever you set your mind to. That’s ethics- and to sum it all up, that’s Ethos Magazine.

The Review

From promoting good people and good businesses, the highest impact comes from the chosen front cover from Parley for the Oceans; an overwhelming message of how plastic is ruling our seas. The hard-hitting article on page 18, Plastic Fantastic tells us ‘We are currently living through a profoundly unstable geographical era, which will be characterised by fossils of plastic…we’re toxicating our planet right now and this is what we have to end immediately.’ It also tells the story of the organisation collaborating with Adidas on transforming plastic waste into footwear. A vital message with bold statements for social entrepreneurs and good people alike. Big corporations can make the transition into up-cycling and being more conscious in how they manufacture products. This article is an eye opener in the realm for environmental change.

Flickiimg_20170310_114134618.jpgng through the first parts of Ethos is beautifully constructed. The texture and layout is a dreeeaaam. An insight to the non-profit Crack + Cider, who’s mission is to change perceptions and force people to think about homelessness is a moving piece. Founded by two head strong ladies in London, Crack and Cider is a store where folk can purchase useful items for the homeless. Bringing an innovative movement of charity to the 21st Century. You can donate through their site that is linked previously.

It’s a vivid and strong willed publication. Packed full of inspirational individuals, businesses and infographic content about the world. It’s a refreshing testament to the world we live in, providing a collective of stories that can change how we see ourselves and the impact we have on everything around us.

A key article inside explores the rise of Etsy, the online marketplace for crafters/makers and small businesses. During the economic crash, Etsy thrived. Ethos discusses how a community of makers and creatives prospered by selling their products through the downfall of the stock market. Who knew how innovative and forward thinking Etsy was? I sure didn’t. The article goes beautifully into the ethics of the business and circulates back to the people ‘harnessing the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.’ With every page turn, I’m hooked.

img_20170310_114147907.jpgFrom my perspective as an Entrepreneur, I can’t wait to see what Ethos has in store for the next issues. It’s informative, yet cooly linked to the upcoming businesses and people with a conscious state of mind. From promotional content about people passionate in going green, upcoming events and conferences available around the world, to articles of what is happening right now; its a masterpiece that is up to date on the world of good. It’s not a publication to make us feel bad about the way the world exists- but aims to promote the good and see that change is happening.  Ethos, you’ve outdone yourselves. One loyal subscriber right here.

You can follow them here in their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Trusted Clothes and Keep Real!

The wonderful Canadian non-profit Trusted Clothes are documenting my brand Keep Real’s journey of sustainability and inspiring wellness. So sweet! Please go ahead and check it out.Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 16.06.15

It’s no good promoting mental well-being as a business, if the business doesn’t have the foundations of trying to be the best version of itself either. So we expanded the definition of wellness to include our sustainable souring policy within our supply chain.

Here’s the first blog post I did as the founder. Excitingggg!!! ❤

Challenges of Starting a Sustainable Fashion Brand

Why I Started Shopping Ethical/Sustainable

Hi folks! I am feeling much better lately, thank you so much for the messages of love and goodness ❤ I wanted to share with you my views of shopping in a conscious way. Being mindful mentally goes right into how I shop and why I shop for clothing and goods. It’s also why my business Keep Real is aiming to be as sustainable as possible.

Most of us think we should care about where our clothes come from. But a lot of the time, we don’t. This is the common ground we all share, and the feedback I got from my Keep Real focus group yesterday (which I will review in another post I think!). We want to care, but because of our shopping environments that have been forced upon us- we also feel we don’t have a choice.

Looking for the latest trend, and having the habit of eyeing up the inner labels of the garments- can actually be quite off putting as a conscious shopper. I personally love shopping, trying pieces on and feeling real good about my choices. But are my choices making me truly feel good? I check the labels in the fast fashion chains like Primark or Topshop for example and knowing that they are not sustainable is so disheartening. If only all our clothes we select when shopping were ethically/socially conscious, so we didn’t have to second guess the majority of the time.

Most of us think we should care about where our clothes come from, but because our shopping environments don’t really give us that option- we feel we don’t have a choice.

It surprises me that everywhere I go, apart from H&M having an extremely small ‘Conscious’ collection, that brands continue to produce collections that aren’t ethically sourced. The big chains have a lot of money to make conscious decisions. However, they exploit their workers in other countries, contribute to being the second largest polluter in the world as an industry, and use materials that aren’t fantastic for the environment. Why are we actively buying into this? It’s because we can’t actively see it. We see the clothes on the rails, and the prices on the tags.Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 19.31.57

It makes me upset, to be a small business start-up trying to do the best in making the better decisions- when such large companies could make the changes with every season to develop and improve the ways they produce their clothes.
I find it easier to shop ethically for skin care/beauty products- for example, Lush Cosmetics, The Bodyshop and the cruelty-free brand Barry M Cosmetics here in the UK.
Fashion as one of the largest industries in the world, it can be tough to change the ways which have been working ‘effectively’ for many years. But being responsible should have been common sense from the start. This is why it is so important for businesses right now to make the changes from the very beginning. It makes me so proud to see people making more conscious decisions, I know it can be hard to gradually create a sustainable wardrobe but you’re making the right step by just thinking about it!

This is why I shop sustainable/eco fashion/ethical/socially conscious brands. Because you know what you’re buying into, you’re contributing to improving the environment, to workers better wages and making yourself feel good too ❤

Next I’ll be discussing my favourite sustainable brands and why I shop from them ❤

Vegan Thoughts

Good evening my lil’ cherubs! Tonight I thought to discuss the lifestyle choice of veganism. There are quite a few misconceptions of what ‘vegan’ actually is, and I think that although the lifestyle may not be for everyone- it is a sure as hell a wonderful choice. vaganfriendly

Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, and an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals. It is more than a diet choice, but a lifestyle. There’s a version of vegan for everyone ❤

My beautiful friend (as well as an extremely talented illustrator and all round creative) Natasha bought me an incredible book, ‘The Vegan Girl’s Guide To Life’ by Melisser Elliott (purchase it here). It is a brilliant handbook of information about being Vegan, with beauty tips, recipes and51TghrESN5L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ fashion. Although I am not currently Vegan myself, I have been wanting to explore my lifestyle choices. I am more aware of what I eat, to what clothes I buy and the make up I wear more than ever. I’ve always been mindful of the choices I make for myself, such as cruelty free cosmetics (Barry M here in the UK is my current favourite) and make sure the stores I buy from use sustainable and ethical forms of production (H&M and Levi’s). I have always been mindful of the choices I make for myself, but my next step is to look at my diet.

If you’re thinking about exploring your lifestyle choices, do so with you in mind.  I know it may be difficult if you are living with others, or those around you may not support it. But just be gentle with yourself. If, for example, you choose a vegetarian lifestyle or detox a certain food from your diet, please don’t feel intimidated by the transition. Folk who choose the lifestyle will help you along the way, and there are some great bloggers and web advice for those wanting to give it a go. You are doing this for you and you alone. It’s a personal thing to decide, and should make you feel amazing! Make the choices you want and do it in your own time.

❤ much love, and as always – keep real! x


Environ-mental Health

Hey folks, hope you are all enjoying a lazy Sunday! Assuming you’re sitting comfortably or quickly having a look on WordPress, take a scan of the room you’re in. Is it organised? Messy? Cluttered? A little bit tidy? Now,wpid-img_20150830_183157.jpg does this reflect how you feel?

Creating a good environment, creates a great sense of organisation in the mind too. ‘Tidy room, tidy mind’ as the saying goes. Your room or home, is a reflection of yourself! It doesn’t just have to be at home, it can be outside too. I read an article from Mind about Ecotherapy and the wonderful things it can bring to everyone. The study showed after a ‘green walk’ participants had an 88% improvement in their mood. How rad is that!? Nature and our surroundings have a fantastic benefit for our mental health. Even if it’s just sitting out in the garden, or going for a walk in the local woods. It’s the world calming you down ❤

Cleaning your room or home does seem like a chore sometimes, but slap on your favourite jams and groove your way into de-cluttering. You got some clothes that you don’t wear anymore? Donate them! Sometimes it’s nice to just go through your things and note how they make you feel and what they represent to you. You don’t have to give anything away or throw it in the bin, but just sit with it and notice what surrounds you.

Even when my room is messy, I like to just go out in the garden and let life do it’s thing. See the birds go about their day, watch the breeze go through the trees and listening to all the sounds the world is making. Jwpid-img_20150819_152515.jpgust taking that time to sit and reflect does wonderful things for the soul. Even if it’s about what environment you’re in, what’s inside and outside of your home too.