What is ‘Having it Together?’

Hey you.

Sometimes life is a big jumble of, well…not what we expect. I implore you to take a deep breath while you read this, and breathe out. You’re here.

You’re here.

Life is the weirdest thing man, and we all look to others who somehow have it together. But as a matter of fact, they’re all looking at everyone else thinking that they have it together. It’s a big mush of ‘having it togetherness’- when as a matter of fact, none of us do. So why are we caught up in something we can’t achieve?

I sure as heck don’t have it together, but I’m just trying to get by with things that make me happy- all the while trying to accept that wherever life takes me, I’ll never really get to the having it together part of my life.

But we can have it together. Here’s how.

It’s about the journey, and I know how up and down it may be. We all struggle, but the only way we can feel like everything falls into place- is when we accept and focus on the present.

Wherever you are right now is wherever you are meant to be.

You’re sitting/standing, whatever it is right here, is what is important. If you’re having a bad day, be gentle with yourself. If your day isn’t going to plan, breathe and again be gentle with yourself.

Having it together isn’t fancy cars, stable jobs, perfect home and happy relationships. It’s about being wherever you are right now and believing that it’s where you’re meant to be.



Slow Down, Let Go.

Slow down, let go. 

But how?

We’re living in a fast paced, technologically advanced, weirdly driven world that has pretty much pushed us so much; that in all honesty, has failed to be good to our very souls. It’s advancing more than we can deal with, our human minds being pushed to limits we’re not so sure we can handle. I haven’t messaged them back, I’m such a terrible friend. What will they think of me? I need to post an update! Do I need this app to improve my life? Will this game bring me joy, or will it distract me? I need to check my profiles. How many followers do I have? What are my friends up to?

Does this sound familiar maybe? It’s probably crossed your mind.

We sometimes feel glued to our screens, unable to respond quickly enough to the present- while we’re all worrying about our online worlds. What we appear to be, seems very much a focus, not what we truly are. It’s tough to see kids not playing in the streets as much, and the heavy burdens they bare to online bullying, how many likes they’ve received and how hard it is to fit in. It was hard before, and it’s even harder now.

I know I’ve felt the pang of guilt for not replying, or responding as quickly as I’d like. I work hard and the pressures of ‘keeping up appearances’ doesn’t get me down that much. We don’t always have to respond quickly or post things all the time. Of course I’d like to be doing exciting things every day, going exploring and taking time off- but it isn’t necessarily online.

Remember: You are enjoying things for younot for your following or the folk you talk to online. Hold your friendships dear, but enjoy the present while you’re in it. Slow down, let go




Top 5 Coping Strategies: THE VIDEO

Hey y’all it’s been a while aint it?! Well, I started the whole YouTube channel and I am humbled to say in the 4 weeks I’ve had it, over 60 of you have subscribed! Holy moly! I’ll be doing as many posts as I can (with better transitions and yorkshire style outtakes). If you love a good Yorkshire accent and some chitchat about mental health and wellbeing, then take a gander.

Here’s my Top 5 Coping Strategies Video. You can also check out the written blog post I did from a while ago.


Enjoy my loves! xxScreen Shot 2016-08-01 at 13.47.25

Wellbeing in Uncertain Times

Take a step back. We’re human. And what does it mean to be human? A variety of emotions, morals and values. Sometimes we don’t agree with each other, and we are so passionate about how we feel- we sometimes neglect another person’s values. We’re passionate beings when it comes to things we truly believe in, and we have to notice that not everyone feels the same. When life is tough, it makes us feel anxious and overwhelmed. Just remember you are not alone. It’s going to be ok, and I’m going to tell you why.Be-gentle-with-yourself

Life can be so incredibly uncertain. You’re about to start a new job or career, moving away from home, leaving University or school (or the EU….but let’s leave that a second), it’s all go go go. But life is a jumble of things that can make us feel out of control and out of our comfort zone. We all feel it in varying degrees. And it’s such a twisty uncomfortable feeling when we cannot clearly see the future, look for an outcome or know how to deal with the unknown. We’re comfortable with what’s happening now! So why change it?

In particular for us here in the UK, the vote to leave the EU has crippled the nation (yessss I’m slightly opening that can of worms).

We all have this thing called PRIMAL FEAR. which we all experience in times of uncertainty. This actually relates back to childhood when we feel our most safe and comfortable!

We’re a nation divided about the referendum still, and we feel completely overwhelmed. We have a primal fear which many of us experience when we realise that we may not be taken care of anymore — that the social and economic structures, which we once believed were keeping us safe, providing the answers, and being the pillars that hold our country together, are no longer reliable. This is such a powerful decision in our lives, so we ultimately feel out of control. And to prove thtumblr_n29b65dBhH1r1d9pio1_500at primal fear, 2 million (and counting) have already signed a petition for a second referendum in response to the public’s decision to leave the EU.

Try and remember to be present, breathe and allow yourself to feel. Be kind and respectful to yourself and to those around you. Love breeds love.

We’re living in uncertain times, be gentle with yourself and remember that love is infinite. You can never ever have too much of it, and it will never run out.