Interview with the Award-Winning Golddigger Trust

Ok folks, I am loving the fact I’ve been receiving messages and some of y’all got on my twitter poll to do more mental health tips. It’s all in the pipeline, so keep your sweet eyes peeled! But first…big news.

Today, my business Keep Real headed to Sheffield to film an interview with a wonderful award-winning organisation called The Golddigger Trust who are just…I have no words. Just incredible! I’ve admired this bunch of lovely folk for a while, and to be asked to collab with them via my brand was just great…and to interview them was just, well, greater. A big whole experience of inspiration. They do AMAZING work for young people (their tagline Unearthing Value, Transforming Lives is just so flippin wonderful) doing courses, projects, mentoring with girls and guys concerning self esteem. Golddigger Kimberley snap

We headed over to their offices and asked them a load of questions about the work they do, what inspires them and what’s coming up for them this year. It turns out they’ve got some incredible things that they’re working on (which you can find out for yourselves in the video we’ll be putting up soon!)

What I can tell you, is that th
ey’re aiming to raise funds for their Golddigger Trust Centre For Young People. They have said that ‘As the Trust has grown, we have long held a vision for creating our own ‘centre for young people’, somewhere that they can feel at home, and from where our award winning work can expand across the city and the UK.’

How amazing!? They need as much help as they can get, and would love for so many folk to get involved with what they’re trying to do.Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 20.24.55

These people are so inspiring, and continue to inspire so many young people every single day. Please check out their campaign here and fundraise or donate to their cause here. These guys deserve so much recognition and I am humbled to have interviewed them. Having had a really sweet talk about my business, what they’re getting up to and what we could potentially do together is just beautiful. I cannot wait to share with you what we’ve done and tell you more about the trust!

Sending all my love ❤



Keeping’ Up With Kimberley – Progress and Procrastination

Hey you wonderful soul, how are you today? Thought I’d do a little personal post about what I’m up to. What a ramble I have for you!

I woke up early for a driving lesson, and started my day plotting and scheming for my business. I feel like I keep talking about my brand Keep Real far too much for my good- but I don’t necessarily share that much about it. I talk about it too much in my own little head, and realise that I’m not being productive!

After two years of saving up while at University, I finally purchased a MacBook Pro for my work yesterday. TheApple-logo-grey-880x625 software wasn’t up to scratch on my old laptop, and for the work/business I will be doing, it was time for an upgrade. It feels so good to spend my money on
something as wonderful as this (yes, I’m typing away on it as you read!). After all the hard work on my two part time jobs while studying for my degree, paying bills, paying rent etc- I saved up small amounts throughout the year. After something like this, it puts into perspective where your hard earned pennies go. Who needs clothes, make up or more pairs of Vans? Not me!

Now I have the right kit to work on, I finally feel like I can be more efficient with my time, and to get my head together. Since Christmas, it’s been quite a struggle for me to get going with Keep Real. So purchasing this, has put me into gear.

I’m still working on my  presentation for the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, which is next Monday! Exciting stuff!! I also sent my final design to Heads Above The Waves for the Keep Real Collaboration. Also extremely exciting stuff!

I’ve also been reading an incredibly motivating book which I’m sure quite a few people have heard of, called ‘#GIRLBOSS’ by Sophia Amoruso  which has really helped me to take control of my negative thoughts about setting up my business. I cannot sing enough praises about this book. Thank you Sophia. Man. With the right determination, things will work out. Leave the negative folk behind, and the people that don’t push you to be the best version of yourself. Work hard, play hard. Focussing too much, can sometimes lead to a blurry goal. I just gotta keep at it, and not expect so much of myself all the time. A downfall I have to work on!

Anyway folks, thanks for reading my morning ramble. I hope you enjoy the day ahead!! Kill it! Own it! Rock it! And of course, keep it real!

Much love y’all xxxx



My brand Keep Real! What’s happening?

Hey folks! Hope you are all well!

After my wonderful opportunity down in London on BBC Radio 4’s All in the Mind, I’ve had plenty to be getting on with! This is specific to my ‘grounded goods movement‘ Keep Real, which is a brand dedicated to providing goods and garments promoting a mentally healthy lifestyle (Please go ahead and like the new Facebook page!). I’ve been having plentiful meetings and ideas going around, and I haven’t been promoting it as much because, well… it’s the most challenging and amazing thing I’ve ever done!

At the moment, it’s all about the research- and I’m potentially pitching my idea to a panel in the next week or so as a social enterprise. For folks who don’t know what social enterprises are, they ‘are businesses that trade to tackle social problems, improve communities, people’s life chances, or the environment. They make their money from selling goods and services in the open market, but they reinvest their profits back into the business or the local community.’ Keep Real will reinvest the profits back in to the business itself and mental health charities (Keep Real will actively raise awareness in mental health too!)

I’m so excited about what’s going on, although I can’t share much at this stage- I cannot wait to see where Keep Real will go next year. Keep your eyes peeled! But for now, it’s about connecting with lovely folk like you and spreading lots of good vibes to every follower I have!

You can check out Keep Real here on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

All the ❤ folks, thank you for believing in me!

Keepin’ Up With Kimberley #13

Hey folks! Sorry it’s been a few days since I did a post- but with life getting in the way (as it does!), it’s hard to find a time to sit down and type some good things up! So here’s what I’ve been getting up to…

Next Tuesday I will be on BBC Radio 4 with Claudia Hammond for ‘All in the Mind’ discussing mental health in teenagers. Exciting times!!! I will post a link nearer the time, but if you’d like to check out the wpid-img_20151019_194311.jpginfographic, you can do so here. Discussing on a panel of wonderful souls concerning mental health was such a humbling experience. Raising awareness is so important, and it was nice to share parts of my story too. Be sure to tune in on the 27th at 9pm!

I’ve really been focusing on establishing my goods brand Keep Real as a concrete idea, ready to process all my thoughts and ideas into something I think has masses of potential. Once it’s out there, I really hope you love it! Just gotta have the drive and faith to create ❤ I’ve been taking in all the inspiration from my lovely home in Yorkshire, which you’ll see through the brand as a collection.

This week wpid-img_20151020_093301.jpghas also been part of a job search, as I had my second interview at Hollister Co as a Manager in Training. I have my fingers and toes crossed- and I am extremely thankful for whatever way it sways. What a beautiful brand to be interviewed by!

I’m taking every day as it comes, going with the flow and being kind to myself. I am feeling all kinds of good fuzzy vibes lately, and I hope it continues into next week.

I hope this post finds you well, and that your week has been good to you so far!

Sending all my ❤ to you, and as always – keep real! x

Hey, October!

Hello my lovely followers/ readers/ October lovers! It’s a brand new month, and it’s the time of year for bonfires, scary costumes and the falling of leaves. What have you got planned? I’m gonna do a lil’ bit of reflecting for my month in September, as I didn’t blog as much I wanted to! So let’s see what went on, before we start another month!wpid-img_20151001_105255.jpg

To end September, my wonderful donations were sent off to the Golddigger Trust based in Sheffield. I was thrilled to have received an email saying how they liked what I was doing with Keep Real, and wondered if I could donate anything for their gift boxes! The Golddigger Trust works with young people concerning issues in self esteem etc. It is a wonderful organisation, and I was more than happy to send over a lovely package of goodies. Working with trusts/charities and good causes is a huge part of what I want to do, and what Keep Real will try and help raise awareness for ❤  I was also asked by the lovely folk at Rethink Mental Illness if I would be happy to be interviewed by a radio station down in London to discuss mental health at University. Sadly, I was doing at work- so couldn’t participate! However, I am sure there will be more opportunities around the corner. Who knows what October will bring huh!

I cannot wait to see what October brings, as I feel very determined to see where my business Keep Real will go (you can follow the twitter page here) and what the new collection will look like (amazing, of course!). In October, I will bring you more mental wellness posts and Keep Real shenanigans! Thank you for over 3.8k views so far this year on, as well as over 100 wordpress followers and a ridiculous amount of folk signed up via email. You keep me going, and for that I am eternally grateful! Sending you so much goodness for your October ahead!

Much love, and as always – keep real! ❤