Top 5 Coping Strategies: THE VIDEO

Hey y’all it’s been a while aint it?! Well, I started the whole YouTube channel and I am humbled to say in the 4 weeks I’ve had it, over 60 of you have subscribed! Holy moly! I’ll be doing as many posts as I can (with better transitions and yorkshire style outtakes). If you love a good Yorkshire accent and some chitchat about mental health and wellbeing, then take a gander.

Here’s my Top 5 Coping Strategies Video. You can also check out the written blog post I did from a while ago.


Enjoy my loves! xxScreen Shot 2016-08-01 at 13.47.25


Keepin’ Up With Kimberley #11

Hey you! Here’s a little update post on what’s been going on recently. As some of you have gathered, if you follow me on Instagram that is! I have been profoundly inspired by my long weekend away in Stratford. I took some real good photos while down there, so it’s been lovely to look back on them!

These past few days, I’ve been sketching and scheming my way through designs (take a look at the photos in this post!), looking at internships for next summer (It’s looking like Edinburgh is gonna be the place!) and applying for full time positions in the City. Just trying to gather all my little ideas up and move forward. I’ve been writing a lot and trying to manage a plan for my business. It’s been quite hard for me to develop ideas further, as I’m quite new to starting up my own brand! So I’m being kind to myself and taking it easy. It will progress and Keep Real will be what I want it to be. I just gotta believe in it ❤

I hope you’re having a lovely, and as always – keep real! x



Keepin’ Up With Kimberley #9

Hey folks! How’s your day going so far? I must apologise for my lack of posts over these few days- but holy moly I’ve had a busy week!

Let’s start with yesterday. My cousin Ricky got married!!! What a beautiful wedding it was, it was so lovely to see wpid-img_20150907_084814.jpgthe family and get all dressed up. Congrats to my cuz, you dah man!! Wishing you all the best for the future Mr & Mrs Robinson! They even had a photo-booth at the wedding, so here’s my family in the booth with some of the props they had on the right, and a photo of my cousin Ricky with his beautiful wife Lindsay! Feeling all the love and wishing them all the happiness in the world!

Amongst all the celebrations, I’ve been working and seeing my girlfriends, as well as having a business meeting. It’s been quite the week- but so so humbled and just feeling all the goodness ❤ I received a lovely email from the Golddigger Trust in Sheffield, who work with issues in self esteem and sexual exploitation in young people. What a wonderful charity! Their current projects include ‘I’m The Girl I Want To Be’ and ‘Made of More’, which are courses that support young people challenging issues concerning self esteem, social media, sex and relationships, and their aspirations. So I’m sending off a little Keep wpid-img_20150906_221436.jpgReal Package for their reward boxes. I hope they like them!

Speaking of Keep Real, the business meeting was long overdue- but at the moment I’m creating a business plan and trying to get all the nitty gritty done. My lack of design posts on Instagram is because of that! Ya gotta do all the important stuff first!

Anyway, I must dash, business-y things await!

Sending all the goodness to you, and as always- keep real! x

Keepin’ Up With Kimberley #8

Hello my lovelies! Man, this week has been rad so far! I’ve been having such a wonderful time and there’s so much to be getting on with. Here’s what I’m excited about lately and some updates on my adventures.

I got a beautiful little email this afternoon from Rethink Mental Illnesscropped-wpid-img_20150525_132636.jpg, saying that they are going to publish my post sometime next week! I’ll keep you informed when it is up on their page so you can check it out! It’s all about my experiences with anxiety and how it is possible to come out of the other side. It is possible to break through those barriers you feel you have ❤ I thought to share my experience so it could hopefully help some folk. Plus, I’m training for my fundraising with Rethink- so I’ll be posting up a JustGiving page real soon!

Plus some exciting news concerning my garment and goods brand Keep Real (follow on Twitter and Facebook). Designs are being finalised and selected for the brand new collection. I am so excited about these dotwork illustrations!! I able to tell you that the new collection will be called ‘Brotherhood/Sisterhood’.cropped-wpid-img_20150608_1012111.jpg It’s all about feeling real good, doing good and celebrating the bond we all have with each other. We all stand together. We shouldn’t be tearing our friends down or making other people feel bad because they are on different paths- we should be supporting each other and pushing ourselves and everyone around us to be the best they can be. We are part of a brother/sisterhood and collectively, we all have the ability to stay true to ourselves and be humble in our walks of life. We gotta keep real. 

I will keep you all up to date with my ‘Keepin’ Up With Kimberley’ posts- so have those lovely eyes peeled in your inboxes or wordpress readers!

P.s it would be awesome if you could fill this quick poll in for my blog ❤ Sending you all the love and posi vibes!


The Fashionista Award

Hello my beauties! ❤ I’ve been nominated by a real lovely lady 20140625-095012-35412972Jess over at for the Fashionista Award! How rad is that!? Please go follow her, if she loves tea just as much as me- why are you not following her?! Anyway, let’s get to the point. I’m gonna answer some fashion and factfile questions!

What motivated you to start blogging? Good questionnn. I think all the ideas I was having about my lil’ business were just overflowing. I just had to write it down! I wanna make it a place where people can feel real good about themselves and hear me out on all things related to having a mentally healthy lifestyle and follow my journey of design too!

Favourite Movies? First off, Wayne’s World. If you haven’t seen it, you are totally missing out! (If you’ve seen it- schwing!) I work in a film and music store part time, so there’s a huge varied list. Star Wars (the originals of course), Lord of the Rings (extended), Reservoir Dogs, Her, Place Beyond the Pines, Still Alice, Mean Girls, Fight Club, Se7en, Silver Linings Playbook.

What is your dream career? Well as some of y’all may know, in the future I would love to run Keep Real as a high street store. Employ down to earth folk who are passionate about the brand and focus on making the world a little bit brighter. I do want to work actively in mental health too- so doing both of these things is a complete dream.

Top wish list items at the moment? I’ve been wanting a hardback edition of ‘Neon Angel’ by Cherie Currie who was the lead singer of The Runaways. Saw the documentary and the film, so this has been on my list for ages! Also some records for my collection, like Turnover- Peripheral Vision, Counterparts- Tragedy Will Find Us, Now Now – Threads, Brand New – Devil & God.

Favourite TV shows? Well the ones I have finished and think are the total bomb are Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad, Mighty Boosh, The Young Ones. Also you gotta love Grand Designs. That shit is rad.

What stores do you find yourself shopping at the most? Recently, it’s been a lot of Levi’s, H&M, Vans and independent clothing brands such as Live Without Regret, Five Pound TeeDrop Dead and Disturbia. Places like Levi’s focus on ethically driven manufacturing and work with equality, worker rights and sustainability. I trust the brand and it’s currently my favourite. My favourite independent brand is Five Pound Tee. Really do check them out- so affordable and sweet designs.

Favourite fashion designers? I’ve seen the upcoming collection by the fashion house Chloe, and I absolutely LOVE it. It’s simple, sleek and ultimately clean cut design. Also designers like Stella McCartney, Katherine Hamnett and Phoebe Philo.

Describe your dream vacation! Cabin, forest, wood burning fire, hot chocolate in a mug, big jumpers and all of nature to explore ❤

What are your goals for your blog? To promote mental wellness and inspire some beautiful people! It’s so important to spread a little bit of light and happiness, as well it being a reminder that Keep Real as a brand is full of all that goodness too.

My Nominations! Because I think you are unbelievably amazing and I adore reading your blogs ❤

The beautiful Chanelle Hayley!

The wonderful Organic By Nerve 

The inspiring  Lauren Hayley

Rad Lessons Learned (so far)

Hello lovely followers, hope you are well! I thought I’d do a cool little post on reflections and (if I can) give you insight into some advice or lessons I have learned over the course of my experiences. I can pinpoint every single lesson and whatwpid-img_20150720_122637.jpg each meant to me at the time. I’d go far as to say the lessons I have learned are pivotal in the experiences I have now!

  1. Trust your gut. Now this one for me is ridiculously accurate. My mum actually told me this many years ago, and she could not have been more right. No matter the situation, whether it be a break up or choosing to go for something you’re not sure about- the gut is the key. Bit weird, I know. But if something doesn’t feel right, that gut of yours knows what’s best for you! Your gut instinct is intuition, the innate wisdom we all possess. Your body is telling you something, so go with it!
  2. Go with the flow. When I had trouble with anxiety I found it so hard to live in the moment. It was hard to focus on the present, when I was so busy worrying about the future. But now the present is all I focus on. It’s so important to be accepting of past experiences to make way for the your experiences right here, right now. Don’t hold those grudges, accept what is and I’m pretty sure your future will go in the path it’s supposed to. Go with the flow of each day ❤
  3. Think good things & good things will come back to you. This lesson I’ve learned through my years of University. This principle is also in effect of being kind and kind things will be returned. Whatever you put out into the world, will come back to you in abundance. I’ve had such a good year all because of my attitude towards it. I’ve had opportunities I never thought I’d have, but it’s all about how you view the world and be within it. Don’t be a dingbat and hate the world, you’re capable of such amazing things! So show the world that you are and look what will be returned.
  4. If you do not ask, you shall not receive. The opportunities I have had with design, my academic work and all my other endeavours is all down to just going for it. If I hadn’t have thought to email To Write Love On Her Arms about what I want to do with Keep Real- would I have ever dreamed of the reply I got? No. They said ‘We are very inspired that you want to help people because you know how hard it is to ask for help. We love your heart and your enthusiasm for mental health and we want to commend you for starting your own business, Keep Real.’ I’m glad I just thought to email them. Yeah, sometimes you won’t get replies or responses you want from asking, but the whole point is to just go for it (or as Shia LeBeouf tells us to JUST DO IT).
  5. Believe in yourself. The last lesson I think is highly important. It ties in with quite a few of my lessons learned. But holy moly is this one crucial! If I didn’t believe in myself, I would not have started Keep Real, gone to University, applied for the jobs I now have or designed for the people I have. Be confident in your abilities! Noticing your weaknesses are your strengths! Check out my post of my favourite quotes here for a bit of posi inspo. If ya start believin’, you’ll start achievin’.

Do you have any lessons you have learned over the years that have stuck with you? I’d love to hear your comments! ❤

Creative Day in the Life of kimmykeepreal

The creative process, admittedly, is sporadic and sometimes frustrating. It can come in waves and may stop altogether. However, I’ll take you through an average day in the life of kimmykeepreal. I do have a slight process of working – but I try and keep it natural. I don’t force my work, if I’m not feeling the vibe- I won’t design that day. However, if I’m working on a commission, my mind will already be in design mode! It’s so important to me to just let it all come naturally, and I’m thankful that every day that’s pretty much the case.wpid-img_20150717_185808.jpg

If I’m not at work, I normally wake at 9am. If I’m feelin’ it, I’ll do mindfulness meditation for about 15 minutes. Focus on the right here, right now. Breathe, take it easy and come out of it feeling fresh for the day. I check my emails and reply to the relevant ones, also see the overall blog stats from yesterday. If I’m working on a commission, it’s important to keep up to date with communication between clients. It’s also important to keep up to date on popular posts on here! It gives me a feel of what followers are wanting to see and read more of.

What’s vital in the design process, is to not have too many distractions. I gotta have the right kind of music on (Turnover – Peripheral Vision is a favourite of mine, check out my favourite track ‘Dizzy On The Comedown‘) and only allow important notifications to come through (emails, text messages and calls). That’s it. No TV, no laptop near and no other distraction. Just chill/mellow music with my paper and pens.

Spreading out my work and maybe having a flick through fashion magazines such as Elwpid-img_20150506_104813.jpgle or Elle Decoration gives me some inspiration. I really love the earthy tones and rustic interiors, it gives me a reminder of my style of illustration and ideas for future design. I have quite a few moleskin notebooks that I jot my ideas down in- so that’s always a source of inspiration.

I don’t use a computer to do my designs, I wouldn’t feel as connected to my work if I didn’t dot, line and pencil every part of it. I may use a computer to remove pencil lines and to freshen up pieces ready to be printed, but apart from that- a computer doesn’t hold much power in my creative process. I spend all day sketching, refining other pieces and sprawling my way through design after design!

I hope this little piece gives you an idea on what goes on through my creative process! ❤ Keep Real y’all. So much love to each one of you ❤